Borov, The Wurm Slayer Limited Edition

+ 1 USB Box art video tutorial by David Arroba (More than 5h of FullHD video)
Available in English and Spanish

Limited Edition 250 copyes

- 1 Borov figure 75mm (75mm total height)
- 1 Exclusive poker card

- 1 sticker
- 1 Authenticity certificate
- 1 Exclusive print


Conceptart by Daniel Zrom

Sculpture by Juan Novelletto

Box art by David Arroba
License CMON-Trudvang


Contains 19 pieces


75,00 €

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Borov box art video tutorial by David Arroba

This is a 3D image, you will receive the miniature in high cuality resin inside a carton box but without a exibition base.

 Figure in high quality resin.

Supplied unanssambled and unpainted. It is not a toy.

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