Barin, the Protector

- 1 Barin figure 75mm

- 1 exclusive poker card

- 1 sticker


Conceptart by Blocsanchez

Sculpture by Raúl García Latorre

Box art by Rodrigo Cipres


Contains 4 pieces

50,00 €

  • 0,08 kg
  • limited edition
  • Will be sent in the next 3-5 days

Barin, the Protector

- 1 Tagar figure 40mm

- 1 sticker

limited edition

22,00 €

  • 0,05 kg
  • Out of Stock


Among the first 50 buyers of 75mm figure "Barin, the protector", we will raffle the original art of Barin by Blocsanchez.





You can see the complete raffle in our instagam


 Figure in high quality resin.

Supplied unanssambled and unpainted. It is not a toy.